Sunday, 27 January 2013

Makeup Storage - Daily Makeup

I stumbled across this storage box in Wilkinsons whilst I was picking up the basics (cotton wool, facewipes, shower gel etc). It caught my eye because of its similarity to the Muji acrylic storage products which I've been meaning to purchase for a while now but haven't had the chance to visit a store. This Wilkinsons box is a more accessible alternative to the Muji products and I love the cute handles on each draw (which the Muji products do not have). The box is big enough to store the majority of my everyday makeup and looks good sitting on my dressing table.

I have organised my daily makeup as follows: Top draw - face, middle draw - eyes and bottom draw - lips.

After completing my skincare routine I'll start off by applying my favourite foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush, this product gives my skin a glowing flawless finish - it is a foundation I always return to. I will then apply Laura Mercier Secret Concealer underneath my eyes and dab it on any spots (such a nice creamy product). Following this I use Soleil Tan De Chanel to contour and bronze my face by using a Real Techniques Stippling Brush. My two current favourite blushers are MAC Melba and Topshop Creme Blush in Neon Rose, I will apply either of these to the apple of my cheeks and finish off my face by using Benefit High Beam for highlight.

Middle draw EYE PRODUCTS
I rarely vary my eye products because I know what suits my eyes and don't tend to experiment. My favourite eyeshadows are all quite similar, I like a bronze shimmery look so I enjoy using either of these products; MAC Mythology, MAC Lie Low, Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo On and On Bronze or L'oreal Color Infallible 021 Sahara Treasure. I line my eyes (both upper and lower lash line) with Clinique Gel Liner and finish off the eyes with lashings of Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara. For my eyebrows i'll fill them in using MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette.

Bottom draw LIP PRODUCTS
My current choice of lipbalm is an EOS product (however i'm not keen and am searching for decent balm which calms my chapped lips...any ideas?), I follow this by using a lipstick. My current faves vary between MAC Hue, MAC Please Me, MAC Creme Cup and Kate Moss Matte Lipstick #107. I'm not a fan of glossy lips but Sleek Pout Polish in Sugar May is my chosen product if I decide to add a slight sheen on top of lipstick.

So there's my daily face - sorry about the cheesiness of my smile in the photo above. I would definitely recommend these storage boxes to store your favourite everyday makeup in, but can also be used to store other things such as cotton wool buds, hair grips, hair bands etc, the list is endless.

You can pick up these storage boxes from Wilkinson for £10

 How do you store your makeup?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mac Mythology Lustre Eye Shadow

MAC Mythology eye shadow is a product which I wear on a daily basis. It is a coppery/rust colour which I feel suits my hazel eyes perfectly. The reason I bought it initially was because I thought it looked very Olsen-esque, and I decided I would try to copy their style by placing it below my bottom lashes (FYI - I'm not sure the Olsens use this exact colour but it looks similar). I apply the eye shadow all over my eyelids and below my bottom lash before adding eye liner and mascara. (I attempted to take photographs wearing the shadow but my camera would just not pick up the gorgeous colour).

When swatched, the product looks a little lighter than it does in the pan. Mythology is very shimmery so if you prefer a matte shadow then this colour may not be for you. As with most MAC products this eye shadow is quite pigmented, a little goes a long way so i'm hoping it will last me a long time. I love this shade and would 100% recommend, it doesn't crease (even on my oily hooded eyelids!) and hence has found its way into my daily makeup bag.

What should my next MAC eyeshadow purchase be? What are your favourites?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm £27.20 - Feel Unique

I have been using this balm cleanser for about a month now and i'm starting to see positive results. My skin is oily/combination and prone to breakouts. In the past I have struggled to find a cleanser which will nourish my dry patches as well as helping to clear my acne prone skin. Foaming/gel cleansers tend to dry out my skin where as other balm cleansers leave an oily residue which tend to break me out. This cleanser however takes care of both the oily and dry patches of skin, it has since become one of my all time favourite cleansers.

I use the balm both morning and night, I double cleanse at night. I rub a small amount in between my fingers to heat up the product then massage into my face onto dry skin, I take time with the massage as I feel this really lets the balm sink into the skin. When removing makeup I also rub a little into both eyes (with no stinging whatsoever!). After the product is rubbed in I wet a flannel/face cloth with warm water and remove all traces of the cleansing balm off my face. Makeup is removed so easily, there is no tugging of the skin, it just slides off, including waterproof mascara.

This cleanser is especially good for use in the cold weather as I can really feel the nourishing effects without any tightness or dry patches. When my skin feels particularly dry or dehydrated I leave the product on my face for about 5-10 minutes before removing, in this way it works as a nourishing face mask. Once I have removed with a flannel there is no oily residue left over (unlike many other cleansing balms), my face feels thoroughly cleansed and soft. Definitely a HG product which I will repurchase.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Kate Moss Rimmel Matte Lipstick #107

Kate Moss Rimmel Matte Lipstick #107 £5.49 Boots

When it comes to lipsticks I prefer to stick to nudes, but now and again when i'm feeling adventurous I'll keep the rest of my makeup basic and go for a bold lip. I picked up this Kate Moss Rimmel Matte lipstick in #107 over the weekend and I love it. The shade looks quite scary at first glance but once swatched it is slightly lighter than first thought. It is a berry/wine shade which is highly pigmented. The product applies smoothly and easily, it just glides on the lips (which is rare for a matte lipstick). The lipstick stays put for approximately 3 hours before needing touch ups.

I think this shade would suit all. It doesn't wash out my pale skin and even suits me with my blonder hair, I do however think that the colour would be more suited to those with darker hair. The lipstick looks way better on my sister than me who has darker features.