Monday, 6 May 2013

Foxy Locks Remy Human Hair Extensions Sunkissed Brown #8

Fed up with my fine flyaway hair I decided to buy some hair extensions to help make my hair look that little bit thicker. In the past, when my hair was dark, I bought clip in extensions from cheap shops where I had to sew the clips on myself, but I had never purchased any online as I felt I would be taking a risk with the colour match. I did some research online and decided to take the plunge and buy some Foxy Locks extensions based on peoples reviews and after watching several of Imogen's (creator of FoxyLocks) youtube videos here. I ordered the 20" regular clip in Remy human hair extensions in Sunkissed Brown #8.
I used the online color match form, where I uploaded a photo of my hair in order for my colour to be matched. You can also send a sample of your hair to the company if you prefer. When the company got back to me (within 24hours) I was suprised with the colour they matched me with as Sunkissed brown looked quite dark on the website. I decided to trust their opinion and bought the colour they recommended for £58 and next day delivery £5.99.
I am very happy with the extensions, they are a great match for my hair. I'm so glad I bought the colour recommended as I was really worried they'd look too dark. They are 100% human hair so they can be dyed, curled, straightened, washed, blow dried etc, which is great. Foxy Locks recommends you use heat protectant spray when styling and washing with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner once every 3 weeks. I've had some good fun the last few days testing out different styles with them in. There is 125g of hair which is really thick and feels like it's good quality hair, they give me so much confidence when I put them in! I've worn them both curly and straight....I only bought them last Monday and I've worn them every days since. See me posing with them in below.

Not the best photos, but you get the idea. Do any of you wear extensions? I was thinking of getting some bonded but i'm scared they will ruin my hair, what do you think?


  1. They are Beautiful! They look so Healthy! Will definitely be looking into it more!

    Thanks Lovely!

    Hannah x

  2. Hi, I've already got some chocolate brown foxy locks but was thinking of going lighter. Your blog has finally got a decent picture so I can decide!

    Love the blog and got a follower here :)

  3. Hi,
    Loved this post and shared it with all my colleagues. Thank you so much!
    Remy Human Hair Extensions