Sunday, 28 April 2013

Skincare Woes

Since I was 12 i've had an ongoing battle with acne. Throughout secondary school it would really get me down, I felt that I was the only person who looked terrible without makeup on so i'd slather on layers of foundation which just looked caked on. I tried Chinese Herbal medicine, antibiotics from the doctor, several creams/lotions and nothing seemed to work or even help a small bit. Other people would say 'you'll grow out of it, it's just teenage spots' or  'you can't even see them' (blatant lies). Once I reached 18 the acne on my back and chest disappeared but I still had facial acne all over and it would be cystic acne, blackheads and whiteheads. I'd given up hope of being able to get lovely clear skin so i'd just try to cover it up by wearing thick foundation and fake tan...only making it worse by living the uni lifestyle (plenty of drink and takeaways). I wish I had took a photo of my skin so I could compare it what it looks like now, but there was no way i'd let a camera in my face as I was so self conscious at the time. I think growing up my acne really did affect my confidence, I was always quiet and did not like any attention on me. I didn't allow anybody to touch my face (at all) and still don't to some extent which is why i've never had my makeup done by someone else or had a facial. Although my skin is much clearer now (I only suffer with a few mild blemishes) I still have that fear of someone else touching my skin - in my mind I feel like any contact will result in a breakout.
My clearer skin came as a result of Roaccutane when I was 22 after trying various other prescriptive antibiotics / the pill. My dermatologist at the hospital prescibed me Roaccutane for 6 months. I'm not going to go into this drug because I really wouldn't want to recommend it to anyone, it's VERY strong with so many negative side affects and don't even mention the monthly blood tests. If you think it may be suitable for you, speak to your doctor or if you want to know more just send me a message on twitter @robynmm8.
The point of this post was to give some hints and tips about the things that work for me that help in preventing breakouts. My skin isn't totally clear so i'd happily accept any of your suggestions, especially in terms of products (moisturisers in particular)! I did a post about my dietary skincare saviours previously, you can have a read here.

The four things pictured above I feel are vital in helping to control my acne (along with fish oil tablets which I discussed in yesterdays post). I drink at least a litre of fizzy sparkling water a day (I should drink more I know) I now prefer it to still water as it helps to fill me up. I have replaced my morning coffee with a morning green tea (doesn't quite sound the same does it?), but I honestly prefer drinking this now as I think i've just got used to it. I like the green tea with lemon as it seems to help more with clearing my skin, I can definitely tell a difference in my skin when I drink alot of this. Clarins Gentle Exfoliator (review here) is what I use as my nightly toner which aids in helping congested parts of my skin. Lastly, Hydraluron prevents my skin drying out too much it gives some nourishment before I apply my moisturiser which I feel helps to control my blemishes. If I didn't do/use one of these four things my skin would definitely notice. Other things I do which help include;
Drinking less booze
Washing my pillow cases at least once a week
Using a clean fresh flannel every time I cleanse my face
I try to give my face a foundation free day once a week
Scouring Caroline Hirons blog regularly for hints and tips
Eating alot of salmon and taking fish oil supplements
Eating less dairy / sugar (so hypocritical as I sit here stuffing my face with chocolate hobnobs)

There a few things which I plan to do which I think might help further; including taking a probiotic every morning, buy a decent moisturiser (open for suggestions?), taking vitamin D tablets, microdermabrasion?!.... i'm not sure if they will do any good but if I try them i'll let you know. If you must cover your skin with foundation I find the best one in terms of coverage is Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation as it doesn't feel heavy but still covers every little blemish, other foundations i've tried just don't compare.
Do you have any tips for helping to control acne? I would love some more tried and tested product recommendations? 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday Shopping

Holland & Barrett: Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules
Boots: L'oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray, Maxfactor Falsh Lash Effect Fusion Mascara, Rimmel Salon Pro 402 Urban Purple Nail Polish, Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion
ID (cheap high street shop): Patterned Blouse, Tiger Vest
New Look: 2 necklaces
Brantano: Tan Boots (only £7...BARGAIN)
Warehouse: Blouse

So I went shopping today...again. I feel lost on a Saturday if I don't do a spot of shopping, so despite the weather I took a stroll up to my local high street. 
I needed some more fish oil capsules as my Lamberts tub was running low so I purchased these, I find that they help keep my skin clear when I take about three of these tablets per day before eating...these were approx £15 (wow). I then purchased some 'essentials' from Boots, consisting of my favourite L'oreal Elnett hairspray, a new maxfactor mascara (my favourite high street mascara....when I can't find YSL Faux Cils), a new Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish (I love that many brands are introducing new gel finish nail polishs, the Barry M ones are decent so i'm excited to try this one out) and Palmers Natural Bronze body lotion (feeling very pasty at the moment and i'm far too lazy to apply my xen tan).
I picked up two tops for £5 each, one is a patterned blouse which I will probably wear for work and a tiger vest which i'm going to wear with my new shiny black leigh jeans or tucked into a black midi pencil skirt. The new look necklaces were buy one get one free, I love both of these, they will dress up a plain top/dress perfectly. These new tan boots were my bargain purchase of the month..£7..they are SO comfortable and I can wear them with anything! They will look great with summer dresses or with my jeans. Lastly I picked up this floral blouse from Warehouse after seeing it on Millie Mackintosh on her Style Diary website here...I love it! Perfect for spring/summer.
A successful shopping trip i'd say. I didn't spend too much as payday is looming (Tuesday) and I have a list of beauty/makeup products/clothes/bags that I want to purchase. Did you go shopping today or recently? Please give me links to your most recent hauls girlies?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beauty Wishlist

After taking part in Wednesdays ##bbloggers chat on twitter this week I was inspired to create a beauty wishlist.  I am constantly writing down lists of new products I want to try so I thought i'd do a post on my current wants, there were so many good beauty recommendations that it was so hard not to keep adding to my list. Here is just a few items off my wishlist, ones which i'm likely to buy quite soon on payday.
<em>NARS</em> Blush - <em>Luster</em> 4.8g/0.16oz
Nars Luster Blush A subtle peachy pink colour which would look perfect as an everyday spring blush.
<em>Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder</em> (luminous <em>Light</em>)
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder I've been looking for a finishing powder which doesn't leave my skin looking to matte and my foundation cakey. This new product aims to give a luminous finish to the skin. I'm unsure as to which shade I would go for as I haven't had chance to swatch them.
<em>Jouer Matte Moisture Tint</em> SPF15 (Oil Free) - # Chamomile 50ml
Jouer Matte Moisture Tint I love wearing tinted moisturiser on 'good' skin days but find that many make my skin look oily. This matte moisture tint has had good reviews in the blogging world, worth a try?

<em>Dr Lipp</em> Original <em>Nipple Balm</em> for Lips (15ml)
 Dr Lipp Nipple Balm My lips get SO dry, but i'm yet to find a lip balm that actually works for me. I feel like i've tried them all; carmex, blistex, nivea, EOS etc... I've seen good reviews and heard good things about this product so maybe it will be the one that will work for me.

<em>Louise Young</em> LY34 - Super <em>Foundation Brush</em> - Beauty 1 Size

Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush This brush has been on my beauty wishlist for about a year now, I just don't know why I haven't purchased it yet!

Shop for <b>clarins face tanner</b> at nearby stores

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face and Decollete Everyone looks good with a tan, so i'd like to try this product out as it's specifically created for use on the face. I'm happy with my Xen Tan Dark Lotion for my body but I'd like to use a facial tanner which doesn't clog my pores.

<em>Kerastase</em> Resistance <em>Bain Volumactive</em> (250 ml)

Kerastase Resistance Bain Volumactive This shampoo is targeted towards those with fine flyaway hair who want to achieve volume and body! Sounds perfect.

I've kept my list quite small for now, i'm being quite realistic with what I can buy on payday. What items are on your current beauty wishlist?? If you have twitter and want to follow me click here

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Current Beauty Favourites (my daily face)

Above are the beauty makeup products which have been gracing my face for the majority of the past month. I've spoke about a couple of them before but some are quite new to my routine and are products which i've fallen in love with. All are items which I will 100% repurchase when they run out.
1. Nars The Happening Palette
I got talked into buying this by the MUA at the Nars counter in Selfridges, Birmingham and i'm so glad I was. The palette contains a bronzer (laguna), a blush (orgasm) and four eyeshadows (night star, gstaad, kuala lumpur, coconut grove)... for £45 I thought this was quite a good deal. Laguna and Orgasm give the most gorgeous combination to the cheeks, especially for quite a muted daytime look. The eyeshadows are also really handy as the colour combinations can be used to create a soft daytime look or for a full on smoky eye. I am still planning on doing a full review on this palette so I wont say much more than this, I just love it.

2. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Rose Ivory
My new favourite foundation. For the last few weeks this product has replaced my usual Bourjois Healthy Mix as I feel it gives much better coverage as well as giving a healthy glow to the skin. I buff into my skin using a Real Techniques buffing brush and I only need a small 10p size amount for my whole face. I can see this being my HG foundation, gorgeous.
3. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Radiance
I don't usually use a primer before applying my makeup as I feel that alot of them dry out my skin and do more damage than good. However this product is great, it gives a lovely glow to the skin and makes your makeup stay put all day long! I wore this primer in Iceland in -8 degree weather and my makeup did not has definitely passed the test! I only have a small sample size, so when I run out I will be running to make a purchase.
4. Topshop Creme Blush - Neon Rose
The only Topshop creme blush I own. I have used this product for about a year now and love the bright colour and the healthy look it gives to the cheeks. I love my blush to be quite pigmented, and this definitely is, only a tiny amound it needed. It applies so smoothly to the skin, it has a soft texture which stays put on the cheeks.
5. Clinique Brush-on Cream Liner - True Black
I'm yet to find an eyeliner which is as black or as long lasting as this one. I've been using this for about 7 months, my favourite!
6. Mac Vanilla Pigment
One of my new purchases, I've been wearing this on my brow bone and tear duct area as well as on the tops of my cheeks for nights out. I find it gives the best glow when mixed with a small amount of fix+ before applying (see below).

7. Mac Creme Cup Lipstick
I've gone back to using this little beauty lately, see my mini review in my mac lipstick post here.
8. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - Black
See my review here
9. Mac Paint Pot - Soft Ochre
See my review here
What are your current favourites?