Sunday, 25 November 2012

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

I picked this 30ml sized product up at the Clarins counter at Selfridges for £29. The lady at the counter told me to use 5 - 6 drops each night instead of my normal moisturiser. I was hoping that using an oil on my face would give me a glow and put some much needed hydration into my skin. My skin type is blemish prone oily/combination, which is exactly what this oil is targeted towards.
The product is said to 'purify, balance and improve combination or oily skin', quite a vague description i'd say. The oil smells lovely and refreshing with essential oil qualities of rosemary and geranium. Once rubbed into the skin it gives a really fresh moisturising effect, doesn't feel too greasy. 
I have used this oil for a couple of months now and it's still going strong, I haven't even used a quarter of it yet. I found that using the oil every single night was too much for my skin and was causing congestion, just making my skin more spotty, so now I only use  the oil about twice a week when it is feeling quite dry. If your skin is oily/combination but not too blemish prone I would recommend thus product as I feel it does balance the oils on the skin. Have you tried this product? Do you have any other Clarins products you would recommend? I am dying to try the Beauty Flash Balm and any of their toners.
Side note: I'm still getting to grips with the whole blogging thing, and have just worked out how to add the GFC, amateur! I have a measley 0 followers so i'm talking to myself really lol. Have a nice sunday if you happen to be reading this, i'm off to clean my room and read the rest of my book, 'Looking for Alaska - John Green' if you're interested.

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