Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bucket List - Europe

I have a habit of making lists. I have quite a fancy notebook next to my bed solely for this purpose, where I create wishlists, lists of foods, music, books, makeup etc. I was flicking through it recently and came across a bucket list i'd written down months ago. It got me thinking about my travels, where i'd been within the last year and also where i'd like to go in the next few years. I thought i'd share some of my European wishlist destinations (these are the realistic ones....);


Doesn't it look beautiful? Santorini is made up of various white buildings each with gorgeous views of the clear blue sea. I can see myself here relaxing and sipping a cocktail in the blazing sun...bliss. Stuff dreams are made of.


I have been to Paris once before but I was 12, with my parents and can't remember much of it. Paris is such a charming city with an air of elegance, there's something about it that lures me back. There is so much to do; disneyland, landmarks, skincare shopping & more. It's only across the pond too, I can't believe I haven't been sooner in my adult life.


One of my closest friends described Edinburgh as 'the most beautiful city I have ever been to', and this is a friend who has travelled the world, she also wants to get married here. I've never been to Scotland but would love to go here and see the sights. I bet it's magical in winter.


During my 8 night stay in Italy earlier this year I visited three main cities, Florence was by far my favourite. It is a very romantic city with plenty to do. If I had more time I would have loved to visit the tuscan countryside, to spend my time riding a bicycle through the winding hills and vineyards, sampling various wines as I went (wino? moi?). Not to mention the amazing italian food!
There we have the top four European destinations on my list. Have you visited any of these places? If so, any hints or tips on where to go/things I need to see? On my list there are plenty more destinations across the world as well as things I want to see/do within the UK! What's on your bucket list?


  1. Lovely post, even if it has made me want to go on holiday :)

    New follower :)

    1. Thanks. I know i'm forever dreaming lol.

    2. I'm the same!!! I can never decide where to go on holiday as, I want to go everywhere!!!!!

      On your list I've only been to Edinburgh but I live not far from there so probably take it for granted a bit!! It is beautiful though.... When it's not raining!! X

  2. Love this! xo