Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bumble and Bumble Texture Hair (Un)dressing Creme

I used my nectar points to buy this bad boy off Amazon. I am a fan of all the bumble and bumble products I have used in the past, most notably the surf spray and thickening conditioner. This product comes in a 150ml tube where you twist the lid to squeeze some out. I only need a 5p size amount each time I use the product, any more than that will make my hair feel greasy and weighed down.Saying this when you've worked out how much to use on your hair, the results are fabulous. I apply the creme onto my ends of my hair when damp, I then blowdry and style as normal. I have very limp, flat, fine hair and am forever looking for products which will give volume and body. This styling creme gives me that extra oomph when i've blowdried my hair, it no longer lies flat on my head. I would say that this product does give that messy look, but I like that so I love the product & now I couldn't imagine styling my hair without it.


PROS: Gives body and texture to hair, a little goes a long way so will last a long time

CONS: Too much can make hair greasy, makes hair less shiny, can make hair crispy if using too much

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