Friday, 7 December 2012

This Week #1

A week off work has meant shopping time! I bought this long sleeved black midi dress from Topshop for work (Link) £28. It's very comfortable and stretchy but also flatters the figure with its bodycon style. It's also quite versatile and I thought I could also put a jumper over it and wear it as a skirt.
 An early morning trip to the doctors this week meant I had to skip breakfast, so I was very naughty and treated myself on the way home.
Last weekend I went for sit down 3 course meal and an eighties themed disco for my friend's 26th. There was a roll of measuring tape inside my cracker, so my 'normal' friends decided to measure my head. I do worry. The dress I am wearing is from Dorothy Perkins (couldn't find a link to the black, but here's the same in teal - link). It's safe to say we didn't do fancy dress, but beings as we were all born in the eighties we felt it was ok to just go as ourselves.

Me and my sister have a new favourite place, the Urban Coffee Company in Birmingham. I chose to have a large green tea and a tuna, cheese and spring onion sandwich, the hot chocolate is my sisters. I'm trying to cut down my tea/coffee/dairy intake to help clear up my skin, it's going well so far. If you're ever in Birmingham city centre I recommend a visit to one of these coffee shops, there are two, one on Church street and the other in the Jewellery Quarter. I also noticed it was recommended in this weeks Grazia magazine.

Ignore the weird smirk pose. This photo was taken just after I dyed my hair. I went to the hairdressers last week to get my roots done but I felt that the colour in my hair was left uneven, very blonde parts running through the fringe and more brown/dark blonde at the ends (see 2 photos above). I bought a dark blonde home hair dye from Garnier and applied it to the blondest parts. I was impressed with the outcome as the colour looks more even now.

The temperature has definitely dropped this week. After having the heating on full in the house for a few hours it was still cold, this little beauty warms up the living room perfectly. I felt very cosy watching a nice film with a big bag of malteasers in front of this. I plan to do exactly this tonight with a large glass of white wine!!
How has your week been?

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