Monday, 27 May 2013

Day Trip: Ironbridge

I went for nice little daytrip to Ironbridge yesterday. Ironbridge is a village which is situated along the River Severn in Shropshire by Telford. The villa is named after the Ironbridge for which it is famous for, this bridge was the first arch bridge in the world to be made of cast iron (not common due to how expensive they were to build). Our first stop of the day was to see this bridge, you can walk across it where there are many people taking photos of the bridge, river and surrounding countryside.
We then went for a walk to Blists Hill, which is an open air museum set up as an old Victorian town. We assumed the walk would be about 15 mins, but after following the signs for directions on foot we were walking for up to 45 mins until we finally got there. We didn't wear the right footwear at all, it was all hills, mud, stepping over trees etc, but we had fun getting there anyway.

We spent a few hours at Blists Hill and we had a really good time. The museum is full of old style cute little shops, such as a pharmacy, candle makers, sweet shop and more where there are actors working within each one who talk to you about the history of the trade or shop you are in. They also sell things in the shops which you can buy using what they call 'modern' money (pounds) or old style money (shillings) which you can get by converting pounds in their bank (a lot of kids seemed to have fun with this). There were even actors walking the streets in their bonnets and baskets, they would say 'Good Afternoon' whenever they passed you, it was so fun! We stopped for a cone of chips which were freshly cooked in beef fat (so yummy but not good for the waistline)!

On the way back we popped into the Ironbridge Antiques Arts and Craft shop for a nosy and a coffee at the tea shop. It was a lovely way to end the day with the sun still shining and our feet aching.

I would definitely recommend going to Ironbridge on a day trip. Such a cute little place that's full of history. What did you get up to this weekend?

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