Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Food Shop - What I bought.

I don't know about anyone else but my least favourite part of my week is doing the food shop. The irritation starts as soon as I drive into the carpark, there is never anywhere to park and there's usually a pensioner walking as slow as poss infront of my car as I try to squeeze into an awkward space. Then once you get into the supermarket it's jam packed with people who have all the time in the world to decide whether or not to have red grapes or green (move out of my waaaay).

Anyway mini rant over, I went on Monday and as it was bank holiday it was even busier than usual so it was my fault really, I knew I wouldn't enjoy it. I thought i'd do a food haul as i'm a nosy parker and love to see what other people buy (is this weird?).

Cupboard food; I grabbed some Heinz soups which I like to take to work with me in the week for a healthy light lunch along with these Snack a Jack packets. Cranberry & Orange tea, which i'm yet to try. Cadbury's digestives for the biscuit tin. Pasta sauce. Randomly on the end there is some shampoo as i'd ran out.

Fridge Food; Petit Filous, Carrot and coriander (god knows why I bought this along with several tins of it - can you tell it's my favourite), Alpo Hazlenut drink (great alternative to cows milk), Goats cheese and sundried tomato ravioli, Basil Pesto, Chunky Meditteranean vegetables, Butternut squash with Sweet Potato, Salmon fillets, Cooked turkey slices, Stuffed Courgettes, Iceburg lettuce, Tomatoes, Grapes, Kiwis.

Freezer Food; Quorn chicken style pieces, Garlic and herb mushroom quarter pounders, Fishcakes, Hake fillets with cheese and leek sauce, White magnums (FAVE!), King prawns.
This lot probably won't last me for the whole week, probably until Saturday. Some of you may find this post to be very boring and random, but I like food and like seeing what other people have bought. Do you have a recent food/grocery haul on your blog? Links please? :)

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