Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nars The Multiple Orgasm - Review and Swatch

  Nars The Multiple in Orgasm 

Everyone loves the original Nars Blush with the naughty name so here's my take on The Multiple in Orgasm. This is the only Nars Multiple I own, originally purchased because I read that it was a fave of Millie Mackintosh! It is a cream blush/illuminating product which gives a rosy flush of colour to the skin, and as with the other Nars Multiples it is created to be used on the cheeks, lips, eyes and body. Saying that I will only use this product on my cheeks, on the lips it would look too frosty and I couldn't imagine it looking good as an eyeshadow nor on the body. However, for a blush and illuminator the product is fab.
The colour when swatched is very light (see hand swatch above) however the smooth crème-like texture is very buildable and allows you to create a lovely colour on the cheeks. I like the fact that the Multiple is very easy to use, a blusher and highlighter in one means it can be used quickly and on the go. The glow created gives the face a healthy dewy look, without leaving behind a glittery sheen (there is a slight sheen in the product which I know many people hate but no glittery particles).
Because I like my blush to be highly pigmented (my pale face means I need a lot of blusher) I think I prefer Nars original powder blush products to this Multiple as they don't require you to apply so much product. However I do like this product applied lightly over the top of my powder blush because it gives me cheeks that added healthy glow which lasts all day.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any Nars product recommendations? 
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