Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Skincare Saviours - Diet

My skin hasn't been having the best time lately after a few months of overeating and drinking. I recently moved into my own place which meant I have been eating out alot and all the wrong things. A few housewarming gatherings have meant I have consumed a few too many bottles of wine too. Although I am happy with my current skincare routine (post to follow soon), no matter what creams/lotions I used I had many big/painful spots that didn't seem to budge. I decided to try to work on my diet to improve the appearance of my skin. For the last four weeks I've changed 3 things in my diet which I believe has done wonders for my acne.

1. Replaced cows milk with non dairy (Soya / Almond) milk: 
I've read many articles which connect milk and acne, something to do with the hormones in cow milk creating more oil....now I don't know if I fully believe this but thought it was worth a try. I don't drink much milk anyway but whenever I fancy a cup of tea/coffee/ bowl of cereal I've been using an alternative. Non dairy milk also has a longer shelf life too, which is useful. Both Soya and Almond milk have their own health benefits too;

SOYA MILK - Made up of plant protein and essential fatty acids.
ALMOND MILK - Full of calcium and vitamin E.

2. Drinking green tea:
I've begun to enjoy the taste of green tea. It took some getting used to because I love my English Breakfast Tea with milk and two sugars. I discovered this blend of green tea with lemon and love to drink a cup every morning. The health benefits to green tea are endless, in skincare terms; it is said to help to fight inflammation, rejuvinate skin cells and fight free radicals. I have at least one cup a day.

3. Fish Oil Capsules:
I started taking fish oil supplements after reading Caroline Hirons blog - link On her acne cheat sheet she recommends taking fish oil to improve the appearance of skin....so I did. I take between 1 to 3 capsules per day with a meal. If you struggle with swallowing tablets you may not enjoy taking fish supplements, look at the size of these bad boys below.

Within the last four weeks the appearance of my skin has improved dramatically, the only problem is I can't pin point exactly which thing is reducing my acne or whether it's a combination of all three. I've also been using a new exfoliating toner so it also may be something to do with that! I'm just going to stick with what I'm doing, my scaring has faded and my blemishes have significantly reduced. I'm not saying these three items will get rid of your acne but they've helped me, so maybe worth a try!

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