Sunday, 3 February 2013

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle

A few years ago when I was a brunette and addicted to clip-in hair extensions, my hair could never be 'too' big. I would backcomb my hair to no end using a small comb, not only was I damaging my hair but the result did not look as great as I thought - think messy and fake looking. Nowadays I still love volume but not the frizzy look that backcombing tends to give. My hair is naturally quite fine so I do need in some help in gaining a little oomph!

Backcomb In A Bottle certainly does what it says on the tin, providing 'instant miracle volume and sexy texture'. I use this product after i've curled my hair with a conical wand to give that extra bounce and volume.

The product comes in an aerosol bottle which you spray into your hair like you would any hairspray. I tend to spray onto my hair from the middle to the ends - i'm careful about piling too much product onto my roots (to prevent greasy hair). I then use my hands to scrunch the ends of my hair to let the product work its magic. I dont use BCIAB on a daily basis but I find it an essential when I'm going out and decide to curl my hair. I've nearly come to the end of this bottle now and will 100% repurchase - i've found nothing like it for creating texture and volume.

Despite the volumising effects this product gives there are a couple of cons; 1 - The smell is quite overpowering, it constantly makes me cough after applying to my hair. It's quite a chemical smell (I can't describe smells?!) I'm just not a fan. However I can live with this because the smell does not linger on the hair after use. And 2 - The product can cause the hair to look and feel quite crispy and clump parts of the hair together if too much is used - A reason why I don't use on my hair when I wear it straight, it just doesn't work so well.

For me the pros outway the cons, Back Comb In a Bottle has become an essential product in my haircare collection and now I wouldn't be without it. If you want big, voluminous hair without the damaging effects of backcombing then this product is for you, you can pick it up from Boots / Superdrug for about a fiver.

Do you have any other recommendations for products which will create volume on my naturally fine flat hair?


  1. oh I'd love to try this!

  2. I've had this for aaages and hardly used it, was applying it to my roots and it just made my hair look a bit greasy! Will deff give it a go just applying it to the mids and ends :D xx