Saturday, 2 February 2013

This Too Shall Pass


Sometimes life just takes us by surprise, our mind responds to the things that happen to us and most of the time we have no control. I'm talking about stress and anxiety. Personally I am a worrier, if I'm not worrying about the situation I am in, I worry about things that may happen in the future. 

Although sometimes I feel like life is getting on top of me, I try not to let my anxiety affect my life. Here are a few hints and tips I try to remember when I begin to overthink things;

- Keeping Busy
Negative thoughts seem to come to the forefront of my mind when i'm having a night in on my own. It helps me to have plans or if not to keep myself busy eg, taking up a new hobby, cleaning, phoning friends. By doing so it keeps me focused and prevents me from overthinking by taking my mind off negative thoughts.

- Talk
Rather than bottling everything up it helps me to talk to someone about my worries. I find that usually it's a case of getting something off my chest, and the people I speak to tend to give great advice. I also find that if my worries are caused by one person and they are bothering me, it helps to just tell them rather than letting them get me down. 

- Positive Quotes
Keep a journal or create a Pinterest of motivational and uplifting quotes (Here's mine - link). When i'm feeling low, they instantly pick me up.

- You have a Choice
Remember, you always have a choice. 'If things around you don't change, then change the things you're around'. If you find you are always worrying about the same thing or are unhappy about the situation you are in then make efforts to change it. (Hate your job? Get a new one or quit (I've done this). Relationship problems? Talk things through or end the relationship. Money problems? learn how to budget, get a second job. There are ALWAYS solutions and there are ALWAYS other people in the same situation. 

- Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Out
For godsake get out of your pyjamas, have a shower and put some makeup on. Then get your ass out of your house and start living. Nothing good can come from moping alone in your own dirt all day when you're feeling down.

Another thing which helps to improve my mood is by making a list of things that have made me happy each week (remember my Monday Blues post - link). Below is my list for last week;

- I've had the flu all week - I forced myself into work until friday when my parents stepped in and told me to rest. They let me stay at their house, looked after me and made sure I went to the doctors. I am feeling much better this morning.

- Sun shining through my bedroom window in the morning means i'm getting excited for summer - beer gardens, holidays, sunbathing.

- Payday yesterday YAY!

- Enjoying healthy food. My favourite meal of the week being salmon, cous cous and roasted veg.

- Planning the interior design of my new house, my room is still a blank canvas so i'm looking forward to filling it with beautiful bedroom furniture.

- A customer at work saying to me 'What's your star sign?' me: 'Pisces, why?' 'Because I like to know the star signs of people I get on with' - awww bless.


These are just a few tips that have helped me. How do you relax or deal with anxiety? What things have made you happy this week?


  1. I was the same as I've gotten a bit older I've relaxed a great deal, but these are great tips xx

  2. I love the two quotes you included :) Looking forward to summer always makes me feel better too
    Daniella x

  3. This is a really nice postxx